The Hair Workshop offers a unique and memorable personalised hair extensions experience in a relaxing environment to each of our valued clients.

Using perfected handwork techniques for application, the finest quality of imported extensions and hair pieces along with a team of expertly trained hair technicians.

THW represents the ultimate in innovative methods, confident service, quality hair solutions, trustworthy client care and utmost beautiful results. Bearing in mind that all these services are implicated without damaging the hair that nature gave you.

Our aim is to give you the perfect length, volume, colour and style for your hair and we achieve this by continuously developing and offering the latest cutting edge hair extension system available anywhere in the world right here at your doorstep and for the first time in Abu Dhabi.

Our world class services are accessible and open to everyone, we cater specifically to your needs and lifestyle rather than adopting a one size fits all approach, and to do this properly we welcome a complimentary consultation with you in the comfort of our shop to understand your requirements better and devise the best hair solution suited to your hair type. You will have the opportunity to see and feel the hair options suitable for you and leave us with a deeper understanding of hair care through our professional knowledge, which we are always happy to share.



The Keratip fusion method

Pre-tipped with keratin, Super Keratip, is fused onto the hair using the purging tool’s temperature set between 180-200c.

Kera Tip

I-Tip Method

Pre-tipped hair is applied by clamping tubes using our specialised tools. There is no need for glue, heat or tape. We simply slide the tips into a tube along with client’s hair and clamp securely.

I Tip

Microtip Micro-Extensions

Microtip are the smallest, most natural looking hair extensions in the market. Microtip are especially perfect for areas on the head with thin and weak hair. The application is so small that is mimics the hair transplant without any surgical procedure. Microtip can be applied to all types of hair and for both ladies & gents.

Micro Tip

The Skinweft (tape-in)

It is made from a very thin, flat, seamless polyurethane strip that is applied to hair using tape. The result is a completely seamless application with no bumps. You can wear your hair up or down. Ideal for the person with thin hair, for adding length and volume and for simply adding highlights without chemicals.


One Step Weft

This is the easiest way to do weft extensions. Copper tubes are pre-attached to each piece, allowing hair extensions for the client in a fraction of time. With the one step method, clients in a hurry can be assured of a super-efficient application.

One Step Weft

Weave Extension

Weave extensions are called "track sew" because this is exactly what the application method consists of. First, an all on-the-scalp braid is done so that it is secured tightly to the scalp, using the existing natural hair and no extension hair. Generally, these braids are done on the temples and at the back of the head, towards the bottom, and in horizontal directions. Once these braids (called track) are completed, a weft of hair extension is sewn securely onto these tracks or braids, using a thread and a needle and with great care and skill.

Weave Extension

Braid String

This method is applied by segregating square or triangular sections of the hair, which are then used as the base against which the extensions are skillfully integrated into the existing hair. Each individual extension hair piece is then expertly and quickly wrapped around the existing hair in each section. Finally, the existing hair and the extension hair piece are tightly braided together. The hair is only braided for approximately an inch or so, so that it falls loosely and gives a beautiful, naturally flowing appearance.

Braid String


The feather hair extension is the latest technique that is light in weight, does not damage your hair and leaves your hair looking natural. Each piece is hand made, applied discreetly and offers a secure hold without the use of glue or chemicals.



Hair Treatment (Aqua therapy, Brazilian Blowout, Caviar Treatment)
Hair Coloring
Blow Dry

When it comes to extensions removal, it is a must to have them removed by professionals. Depending on the kind of hair extensions, there are several removal ways. In order to spare yourself the struggle and hair loss, THW has the ability to remove all kind of hair extensions.

Our hair technicians can remove, re-tape and re-apply your well-maintained hair extensions.



After you get hair extensions it is best to wait 46 hours before you wash your hair. Proper hair maintenance is important in order to prevent hair tangling especially that nutrients do not circulate in hair extensions. You must deal with hair tangling since to start to prevent future damages which cannot be fixed.

It is important to brush your hair extensions up to 2 or 3 times a day. Detangle your hair before shampooing, always from the ends to the roots.

Dirt and sweat build up may cause tangling. Properly washing your hair with the right products is a must. DO NOT allow the conditioner to touch the roots of the hair extensions or scalp as this may cause slip, loosen up and fall out.

Don’t rub it with a towel but pad it dry and brush. Apply hair treatment from the mid shaft of hair to the ends. Hair treatment should be applied at least 2-3 times a week, but too much hair product can cause tangling.


Avoid heat, the more you use it, the shorter your hair extensions will last. Small tangling could be easily avoided with the products and serum we recommend to you. Brush hair thoroughly with a soft bristle brush a few times a day, always starting from the bottom gently working your way up before blow drying or styling, it is best to naturally air dry it, in case blow drying is necessary be sure to:

  Use low heat and dry roots to ends.
  DO NOT use high heat as this may melt the keratin bonds.
  Use serum as recommended to you to prevent dryness.
  Avoid hair care product that contains alcohol which dries out the hair.

Pre-Cautionary Measures

Never sleep with your hair wet and make sure your hair is completely dry or this will cause the hair to tangle with your own hair.

Braid your hair before going to bed or tie it in a ponytail. Always tie or braid your hair before going to into salted water or chlorine. Wash your hair as soon as possible once exposed to chlorine or salt water with clarifying shampoo which we recommend. Chlorine and salt water will cause the hair to tangle and mat up. Never colour, perm, straighten or chemically treat the hair without consulting us.


  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Magic Spray
  • brush
  • aqua_machine

We sell a range of high quality aftercare products such as shampoos, conditioners and magic sprays designed to ensure your hair extensions stay healthy and maintain their condition.

We also sell hair extensions tools specially designed for salons and the O2 Aqua Therapy Machine, the latest innovation in hair treatments that instantly fortifies and restores damage hair within minutes.

For more information please contact +971 26333033


Which type of hair extensions is right for me?

One of the most common problems that our technicians encounter is a client coming in with the wrong type of extensions for their specific hair needs. For the best results come in for a consultation before purchasing your hair extensions, or have your hair stylist order your extensions to the salon from our supplier. During your consultation our technicians will recommend the best extensions for your hair type.

How much will my hair extensions cost?

It is truly impossible to tell you exactly how much your extensions will cost without a consultation because there are so many factors that must be considered such as the type of extensions you need, the length you want, the fullness you want and the products you will need for maintenance.

Why do I have to have my extensions “readjusted”?

It is important to have your hair extensions readjusted every 2-4 months (depending on rate of hair growth) to prevent hair from matting, dreading or even tearing out. This can also cause breakage and compromise the integrity of your hair. Our technicians will discuss a follow up appointment for readjustment.

What products will I need to care for my extensions?

During your consultation we will go through the tools and products recommended for maintaining your extensions such as a proper brush that is gentle on the bonds while thoroughly detangling hair, sulfate and paraben free shampoos and conditioners and a deep conditioning treatment.

How much care and maintenance is involved?

Hair extensions aren’t a breeze to take care of, but with the right products and reasonably small amount of commitment your extensions will continue to look and feel fabulous.

Can I shampoo my hair after applying extensions?

Shampooing/ conditioning within 48 hours after applications to be avoided. We recommend waiting 2 full days before washing.

Is THW hair real human hair?

Yes, the hair is made from 100% human hair. The best type of human hair available. The only finest virgin and untreated hair is used. The hair differs from the garden-variety of normal, silky, wavy, straight, hair that is hand picked and lined up so that all the cuticles of the hair is facing the same direction which causes less tangling and a longer lasting product.


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